Exhibit 1194.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books C.6.]

SANTA BARBARA [PANAY], November 20, 1898.


Presidential Palace of Santa Barbara. Present, the Junta of Government in ordinary session presided over by citizen Vicente Franco, Councilor of Government and Vice President of the same, acting in the absence of President Roque Lopez.

Sr. Franco placed before those present for their consideration the matter of military rank to be accorded Sr. Roque Lopez, formerly Secretary of War of the Revolutionary Committee and Sr. Venancio Concepcion, formerly a major in the Spanish army and who had command of the Corps of Organized Volunteers. Sr. Franco stated that during the time that the Central Revolutionary Committee was conspiring for the preparation of the revolution, Sr. Lopez organized and prepared our forces at present serving as our Liberating Army, by assisting them with both arms and money, and by performing other military acts which placed his life in grave danger under the Spanish Government; and that it was for this same reason that he had been appointed Secretary of War of the Committee. His military ability was proven by the fact that he had been Chief of the Jaro Volunteers, which, though they may have seemed to have been organized for the purpose of maintaining order under the Spanish Government, Sr. Lopez was in fact organizing and preparing to one day defend the holy cause of our independence, as the authorities can now plainly see; and hence it was that this gentleman obtained by popular suffrage the office of President of the Revolutionary Government. These were the grounds offered for consideration of the Junta to assist it in deciding the military rank to be given Sr. Roque Lopez.

With regard to Sr. Venancio Concepcion, his merits are unquestionable; for though he at present holds the Treasury portfolio, due to his knowledge of finance, he had also been a soldier of fame, and had been appointed under the Spanish Government as Commanding Chief of Organizeed Volunteers. As a revolutionary, his efforts for independence were sincere and of long standing. His policy during the conspiracy was of dissimulation and through this means he smoothed in no small degree the road on which in its glorious course this revolution was to pass. He brought over to our cause all the troops under his command with their arms and ammunition. He also brought us citizen Perfecto Poblador, now General of Division of our army. He was assisted in these steps by Sr. Vicente Franco, then Attorney for the Committee.

In view of the foregoing the Junta of Government resolved unanimously to confer the rank and honors of Lieutenant general of the Army on Citizen·President Roque Lopez, and General of Division of the Army on Citizen Venancio Concepcion.

It was then unanimously decided to especially commission citizen Ramon Avanceņa, Councilor of State, to advocate the approval of the constitution of Our Provisional Government before the Government of the Philippine Republic; and that he take with him instructions for that purpose, aiming at securing a guarantee of our union with the Philippine Republic under the Presidency of the Honorable Citizen Emilio Aguinaldo, and such other minor details as in memorials of this nature may be decided on.

The commission to be conferred by the Government on Sr. Franco, will consist in the power to organize the towns of this Province in accordance with the constitution of the Philippine Republic, and he shall preside over the elections of Local Juntas, for this time, which are to cover the next term of office, which will begin with the year 1899. His commission shall also extend to the organization of the civil Registry and the inspection of Public Schools and Colleges were there are any; and of all the other branches of the Treasury and War Department, for the last of which, however, he shall consult with the General-Chiefs of Zone. He shall also endeavor to organize clubs for the spread of learning among the masses in a practical manner.

It was further resolved in this same session that during the absence of Sr. Avanceņa, Sr. Yusay of the Department of Grace and Justice, should take charge of the Department of State; and that during the absence of Sr. Franco, Sr. Salas, the General Secretary, should take charge of the Department of Government.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed and these minutes signed by those present to which the General Secretary, certify.

Presiding temporarily, Councilor of Government.

Councilor of State.

(And four other signatures.)