Exihbit 1190.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I.R., Books C.6. ]

SANTA BARBARA, [Panay] November 17th, 1898.



General Headquarters, November 17th, 1898. Extraordinary session.

As the result of a previous call for a meeting, the members of the Revolutionary Committee, the General-in-Chief of the Revolution, the Commanders of the Zone, and a sufficient number of Chiefs and Officials were assembled to proceed to the election of the officers of the new Government, which is organized to insure a regular course to the revolutionary movement. This was the desire expressed by the Committee whose duties had already become over-difficult due to complications arising from a multitude of matters growing out of the Revolution. Hence a member of the Committee, Sr. Vicente Franco, announced the object of this general meeting, whereupon a written vote was taken for the President of this Provincial Government, and after a count Sr. Roque Lopez was found to have been elected by a majority of votes.

Next the election viva voce of the Councilors who were to make up the Provisional Revolutionary Government was proceeded to and the following names were proposed and unanimously approved:

Councilor of Government and Vice President, citizen Vicente Franco;

Councilor of Finance, citizen Venancio Concepcion;

Councilor of War, citizen Julio Hernandez;

Councilor of State, citizens Ramon Avanceņa; the latter being obliged, also, to fill temporarily the position of Councilor of Justice;

Mr. Fernando Salas was appointed General Secretary of the Presidential Headquarters and all Departments.

It was further resolved that each Councilor might appoint a secretary for the Department under his charge.

For the purpose of outlining the duties of the Revolutionary Army, it was unanimously resolved that citizen Martin Delgado, General-in-Chief, be acknowledged as Lieutenant General; citizens Perfecto Poblador and Pascual Magbanua as Generals of Division, and the Councilor of War and the Chiefs of the Zone as Brigadier Generals.

It was further resolved that this resolution should be made known to the President of the Philippine Republic, Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo and to the towns and provinces of the Visayan Islands within the jurisdiction of this Regional Committee by edict, the same to be of a provisional character, however, until approved; the authority of the former Revolutionary Committee ceasing from this very moment.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed and these minutes signed by all present, of which I, the Secretary, give faith.

Martin Delgado, Roque Lopez, and 27 others.

NOTE: The General of the Southern Zone accompanied by other subordinate Chiefs and Officials arrived later and expressed their approval of the action taken at the meeting; in proof whereof they sign before me, the General Secretary, of which I give faith.

[Eight signatures follow]