Exhibit 1189.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I.R., 1046.10 ]

Nov. 17, 1898.

The Honorable Citizen Sr. Roque Lopez, President of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Region of Visayas:

Whereas by a resolution of this date citizen Sr. Martin Delgado has been promoted to the rank and office of Lieutenant General of the Army:

Therefore I issue to him this commission and order all public authorities and officials, civil as well as military, who are subject to this Provisional Revolutionary Government, to consider and treat said Sr. Delgado

as a Lieutenant General, extending to him the obedience, honors and respect due to his high military hierarchy.

Given in the Presidential Palace of Santa Barbara and countersigned by the Secretary General of the Departments of the Government, Seņor Salas, the seventeenth day of November, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight.

Secretary General.

To Citizen Sr. Martin Delgado, Lieutenant General of the Revolutionary Government.