Exhibit 1188.

[Original in Spanish. L.S. P.I.R., 311.10. ]

Nov. 6, 1898.

To the Honorable President of the Revolutionary Government, Citizen Emilio Aguinaldo.

SIR: If an acute illness did not confine me to-day to my bed, I should have gone in person to submit my ideas to the very high consideration of your honorable person.

From my point of view, in accordance with the latest news from Visayas, the city of Iloilo will soon be in the hands of our brothers notwithstanding the insufficient arms which they have; nevertheless, now more than ever is an expedition to that point necessary, not only to communicate to them our ideas of independence, but also to have there a sufficient number of arms with which to repulse those who, being unable to take Luzon, turn to the almost defenseless islands of the Visayas. And if apart from these considerations we remember that there the predominant spirit is that of annexation, an expedition is rendered more necessary even though it be only for the purpose of counteracting bad ideas and call upon our brothers to aid and participate in the ideals which we are all unitedly pursuing. I have there on my side nearly half the entire province, and this half is a column which at the present time directs its attacks upon the city, being under the command of an old servant of my father, who perhaps does not very clearly understand the scope of his duties if he should enter ed, as I fear that if things are left to go as they are going, the Visayan someone who will understand how to make your name and prestige respected, as I fear that if things are left to go as they are going, the Visayan Islands would be separated from Luzon, as I have heard so many times from some of their inhabitants, who are anxious to be the ones to direct and manage everything.

This is nothing but a statement, Sir, of what exists, because it would be very regretful to me that later we should have to lament the separation of the Visayas, or the loss of Visayas from the territory of our new born Republic. Seņor Alba is going there to make some explanations regarding the expedition.

May God preserve your life, Sir, for the welfare and happiness of your subject.

Yours, etc.


NOVEMBER 6, 1898.