Exhibit 1186.

[Original in Spanish. Draft of letter. P.I.R., 685.4 . ]

"Revolutionary Government of the Philippines. Office of the Captain General. General Staff."

[About August 30th, 1898.- Compiler.]

(In consideration of the conditions surrounding Seņor Pablo Araneta, I hereby appoint him Military Chief of the expedition which will shortly start for the Visayas.) [Scratched out. - TR.]

Expeditionary Chief in Panay.

"----- Fullon.

In view of the fact that there exists, in the province of Iloilo, Island of Panay, a committee, under whose orders and plans the revolutionary movement in said island has been initiated, principally at Iloilo, the headquarters of said committee, and with whom this government has communicated directly, giving instructions for the taking of Iloilo; in view moreover, of the advisability, that there may exist harmony between the operations successfully conducted (realized in said province) under the direction of the said (the aforementioned committee at the orders of the chief appointed by said committee (the same), and those that you, as Expeditionary Chief, shall have to conduct, seconding said (and cooperating with that) movement, for which a certain dependence between you and the chief of that movement is necessary, I am anxious that you, as soon as your help is required by said (the aforesaid) Revolutionary Committee, should put yourself (with your forces) at the orders (disposal of) of the same, (unless prevented by more important circumstances), and lend your cooperation, acting on (under) the orders of the General-in-Chief (Military Chief) who may direct the operations of Iloilo.

It is needless, moreover, to earnestly recommend to you the necessity of respecting the revolutionary offices of that region of Visayas,and to endeavor to maintain the greatest concord and union with the forces there existing, avoiding antagonism and differences.

I confide in your well-known patriotism the strictest compliance with this order.

God guard you etc.

NOTE.- Words in parentheses represent changes and interlineations in the original.


[Original in Spanish. Draft of letter. P.I.R., 685.4.]

The suspension of hostilities between Spain and the United States having been declared, the latter has no right, without prior nullification of said suspension of hostilities, to attack any point in the Philippines.

For this reason and in case the Americans should attack the defenses of Iloilo, and should take possession of it, I strongly recommend the Revolutionary Committee of said place not to suspend the attack upon said defenses until they are completely controlled by the revolutionary forces. The fact that the Americans may be within the city ought not to be considered an obstacle to their operations, for as has already been said, the former, for the present, has no right to attack any point in the Philippines.

God etc.