MANILA. (Received May 14, 1900-12.52 p. m.)



Drowned-May 7, Troop C, Third Cavalry, John E. Adams; May 6, Company C, Twenty-fourth Infantry, Elisha Forche.

Jaundice-May 9, Company F, Seventeenth Infantry, Sergt. Frederick G. Reade.

Pneumonia-May 9, Company M, Forty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Jay W. Cohen.

Typhoid fever- April 14, Company I, Eighteenth Infantry, Israel Cork; May 6, Company H, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Frank L. Bigos; May 5, Company E, Forty-second Volunteer Infantry, Frank Bauer; April 27, Company G, Forty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Mathieu Mikkula; April 7, Company C, Forty-seventh Volunteer Infantry, James K. Helder.

Malarial fever-May 8, Company I, Seventeenth Infantry, Roy Sayers; May 9, Company L, Seventeenth Infantry, Thomas Sullivan; Company H, Forty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Napoleon L. Beaudette; May 10, Company D, Twenty-first Infantry, Alfred Tolck.

Chronic diarrhea-May 10, Company A, Twenty-first Infantry, William Londrigan; May 6, Company F, Twenty-first Infantry, Michael J. Farrell.

Tuberculosis-May 4, Company K, Forty-ninth Volunteer Infantry, Willie Bowan.

Nephritis-May 9, Company C, Forty-eighth Volunteer Infantry, John Furman.

Variola-April 7, Company K, Sixteenth Infantry, Robert N. Hoofer; April 24, Company K, Sixteenth Infantry, Corpl. Abraham Cross; April 28, Company C, Forty-third Volunteer Infantry, John C. Hunt; April 30, Company G, Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry, Ferd Nichols; May 3, Company G, Forty-eighth Volunteer Infantry, Ed. Greenlee; Company H, Forty-eighth Volunteer Infantry, Elijah Sears; May 4, Peter Hairston.

Dysentery-May 6, Company B, Battalion of Engineers, U. S. Army, Frank W. Lehman; May 7, Company E, Twenty-second Infantry, Sergt. Patrick Malone; May 5, Company L, Thirty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Henry E. Hamberg.

Peritonitis-April 23, Company D, Forty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Edward M. Baker.

Abscess of liver- April 26, Battery G, Sixth Artillery, Fred Wilhelm; April 30, Company E, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Robert Ed Laird.

Pyaemia-May 4, Company K, Twenty-ninth Volunteer Infantry, Sergt. William H. Clayton.

Gastroenteritis-April 16, Company D, Eighteenth Infantry, Alonzo Henley.

Died from wounds received in action-May 2, Company I, Twenty-third Infantry, First Sergt. Guy A. Wyeth; April 21, Company I, Forty-third Infantry, Charles Dolloff; April 1, Company E, Forty-third Volunteer Infantry, Oliver M. Pendergrass; May 3, Company F, Forty-third Volunteer Infantry, Thomas O. Bates.

Accidental pistol shot by comrade-April 22, Robert Stickles, Company C, Forty-ninth Volunteer Infantry.


MacArthur, May 14 1900, 1252pm, Casualties