Pedro Gella
The Sunday Tribune, January 17, 1937, page 11
(Provided by Jigger Gilera)

Don Pedro Gella the "Grand Old Man," of Antique and former governor of that province, died in Sibalom, Antique, last January 10, following a lingering illness, according to reports reaching Manila yesterday. He was 74 years old.

Don Pedro was a prominent figure during the Revolutionary days. He served as chief of staff of the military forces in Antique which was under the command of General Leandro Fullon.

On January 18, 1900, American soldiers under the protection of three ships of war, landed in Antique province at a point near Hamtik to attempt the occupation of the province. After an open fight near Hamtik in which the Filipino forces fought under the command of General Fullon and Martin Mara, most of the battles thereafter between the Americans and the Filipinos were in the nature of guerilla warfare.

Shortly thereafter, a serious development occurred in the ranks of the Filipino army. Dissatisfied with the procedure conducted by General Fullon, a number of Filipino officers attempted to put up Don Pedro Gella, then chief of staff, in Fullon's place.

The Sunday Tribune, January 17, 1937, page 11

Provided by Jigger Gilera