Two Lynn men, William Labelle and Albert W. Bertrand, formerly privates in Company D, Twenty-sixth Regiment, U. S. Volunteers, have sent to Senator Lodge a statement of instances of applications of the " water cure " in the Philippines that came under their observation. Bertrand was clerk of Company D and regimental clerk at headquarters while the regiment was stationed at Panay. Labelle says that while at Anilao three natives were taken by Company D into a Catholic church and given the water cure. One of the natives refused to tell where insurgent guns were secreted, and after he had been given the water cure he was blindfolded, and one of the soldiers fired his gun near the man's head. The instant the gun was fired, another member of the squad hit the native with a stone, and he was told that he had been shot. The native then told the United States soldiers where they could find the guns. Labelle gives the names of the officers and privates who participated in administering the punishment.