Iloilo, February 12, 1899.

To the Adjutant General,
Department of the Pacific
and Eighth Army Corps.


I have the honor to report the military situation as very vexatious. We have captured Iloilo, as before reported, but the position of the insurgents has been such that all the time that we are exposed to sharpshooters' fire, with the Mauser rifle, no one knows when he is safe. Jaro and Molo occupied would relieve us from this trouble, but I should have a battalion of four companies more to hold Molo. To-day, at 2 p. m., I sent a teconnoissance to both Molo and Jaro a battalion of the Tennessee to Molo, and one of the 18th Infantry to Jaro. At Molo no enemy was found. At Jaro the enemy was encountered and skirmishing commenced at once. The insurgents were about one thousand strong. They threw an accurate, concentrated fire. They fought well, but filially retreated to Jaro and were driven beyond it. I reinforced the 1st battalion with the 2d. and we hold Jaro to-night. Second Lieutenant F. C. Bolles, 18th Infantry, attached to the machine battery, was wounded through the left leg, below the knee, and one private through the lung and another through the leg. Will send specific report as soon as possible. Our troops of the 18th were under the command of Major Keller, and, afterward, the two battalions were under the command of Colonel Van Valzah. Major Keller's battalion, assisted by the machine gun battery, under Lieutenant Ostheim, did the work. Major Keller is an able, fearless and brave officer. Also Lieutenant Ostheim. I shall make recommendation about them later.

Very respectfully,

(Signed) M. P. MILLER,
Brigadier General, U. S. Volunteers, Commanding.