Occasionally an insurgent band scored a slight success, one of which, and one quite unfortunate for our troops, occurred on February 28, which was reported by Lieutenant McBroom, of the Eighteenth Infantry, commanding a company of that regiment at Mambusao, Capiz province.

His report was as follows:

[March 2, 1900]*

Sent detachment under sergeant to gain information of roads from Jamindan to Aclan Valley, and trail from Jamindan to Jimeno. He arrived at Jamindan without accident or anything suspicious occurring, the natives saying there were no insurgents in mountains. Yesterday party was started to Mambusao to report, while main body was to attempt to go to Jimeno. Insurgents opened fire on party sent back; the others went to the scene; firing lasted two hours. Our men held Jamindan, and to-day fought their way back to Mambusao. Report insurgents in considerable force intrenched in hills between Jagnaya and Jamindan.

Four men missing from party sent back—all Company I, Eighteenth Infantry:
Israel Cook,
George M. Williams,
Walter H. Cowern, and
Maurice Driscoll;
not known whether killed or captured.

No other casualties.

*This was the day the full detachment returned to Mambusao, which is said to be when the letter was written.


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