MANILA. (Received December 22, 1900-10.56 a. m.)


Killed—November 24, Frorista, Luzon, M, Forty-seventh Infantry, Corpl. Arthur Burrows; November 25, D, Eleventh Cavalry, Sergt. Bernard Baker; between November 24 and December 7, Calbayon Matuguinao, Samar, H, Twenty-ninth Infantry, Welburn Watts. Wounded—M, Twenty-ninth Infantry, Hylas E. Smiley, severely; B, Twenty-ninth Infantry, Charles E. Mackey, moderately; December 15, Duero, Bohol, H, Signal Corps, U. S. Army, Corpl. Charles A. Wilson, mortally; December 8, Antique, Panay, G, Thirty-eighth Infantry, Martin L. Weatherman, neck, serious; December 18, San Ignacio, Luzon, G, Forty-ninth Infantry, Musician Hays Withers, leg above knee, moderate; October 30, Bugason, Panay, F, Forty-fourth Infantry, Lee Piatt, arm, slight; November 10, Subig, Luzon, L, Twenty-fifth Infantry, William Smith, shoulder, slight.


MacArthur, Dec 22 1900, 1056am, Casualties

MANILA. (Received December 26, 1900-6.25 a. m.)


Following deaths have occurred since last report: Dysentery—December 11, E, Thirty-eighth Infantry, Edward A. Henry; December 18, D, Fifteenth Infantry, Corpl. George B. Hozak; December 14, A, Thirteenth Infantry, John Pettry; December 13, G, Eleventh Cavalry, William L. Stone, jr.; December 16, B, Forty-first Infantry, Edward L. Van Buren; December 19, K, Third Infantry, David J. Parcell; December 20, A, Thirty-ninth Infantry, George J. Rehm; H, Forty-fifth Infantry, Stephen Z. Delk. Diarrhea—December 7, F, Forty-seventh Infantry, Edward Fletcher. Variola—December 14, E, Forty-eighth Infantry, Thomas Love; G, Forty-eighth Infantry, Edward Clark. Malarial fever—December 13, C, Thirty-sixth Infantry, Alfred H. Bolton; December 15, C, Thirty-third Infantry, William J. Wright. Drowned—December 18, A, Sixth Artillery, Frank Lowe; December 15, I, Fifteenth Infantry, Howard L. Garron; November 28, E, Fortieth Infantry, Stephen F. Holmes. Killed by accident, target practice—December 18, K, Third Infantry, John Begley. Surgical shock—August 26, F, Forty-third Infantry, William E. Dennis. Died from wounds received in action—December 10, G, Thirty-eighth Infantry, Martin L. Weatherman; December 17, H, Signal Corps, Corpl. Charles A. Wilson. Peritonitis—December 15, F, Twenty-fourth Infantry, Pomp Dunkerson. Abscess liver—December 12, H, Forty-fourth Infantry, William E. Bell. Pulmonary oedema—December 15, A, Eleventh Cavalry, Sergt. Charles C. Crane. Pleurisy—E, Forty-ninth Infantry, Isaiah Braxton. Hepatitis—December 20, B, Third Cavalry, Henry A. Hall. Apoplexy—December 19, Forty-eighth Infantry, Sergt. Maj. Wooten R. Abernathy. Cerebral anaemia—November 25, B, Twenty-first Infantry, Michael F. Duffy.


MacArthur, Dec 26 1900, 0625am, Casualties