Mortally wounded in Battle of Cabug-Cabug on March 22, 1900
Died from his wounds the following day March 23 1900

MANILA. (Received March 30, 1900-8.05 a. m.)


Killed—Luzon, Forty-fifth Infantry, March 20, Camilig, M, James T. Hill. Samar, Forty-third Infantry, March 8, Matuguinao, H, Elbridge H. Webster; March 11, Lanang, I, Ferdinand W. Meyer. Panay, Eighteenth Infantry, March 22, Cabug-Cabug, L, Max Hohne, corporal. Wounded—Luzon, Twenty-second Infantry, March 24, Peñaranda, First Lieut. Orrin R. Wolfe, lung, severe. Thirty-fourth Infantry, C, James E. Murphy, elbow, severe. Thirty-seventh Infantry, March 20, Camilig, G, Lloyd Hummer, sergeant, foot, serious. Forty-fifth Infantry, March 16, Polangui, A, Odis Smith, corporal, thigh, slight. Forty-seventh Infantry, March 14, Guinobatan, I, Thomas J. Gould, shoulder, moderate; March 20, Camilig, George H. Momeny, corporal, abdomen, serious. Leyte, Forty-third Infantry, March 13, Hilongos, C, James F. Burns, chest, serious. Panay, Eighteenth Infantry, March 22, Cabug-Cabug, L, John G. Carl, sergeant, mortally.


Otis, Mar 30 1900, 0805am, Casualties

MANILA. (Received April 2, 1900-7.20 a. m.)


Died from wounds received in action—March 13, James F. Burns, C, Forty-third Infantry; March 28, Janice E. Murphy, C, Thirty-fourth Infantry; March 23, John G. Carl, sergeant, L, Eighteenth Infantry. Variola—December 31, last year, Evert Barker, G, Thirty-third Infantry; March 2, Alonzo Bare, D, Thirty-second Infantry; February 2, Ned Martin, M, Twenty-fifth Infantry. Typhoid fever—March 22, Claus A. Burke; March 21, Jacob Fuesguss, H, Forty-second Infantry; March 16, Clarence G. Brooks, M, Thirtieth Infantry; March 27, Lewis J. Leadly, M, Thirty-seventh Infantry; March 25, John C. Russell, jr., corporal, F, Forty-second Infantry. Dysentery—March 25, John McLaughlin, corporal, M, Ninth Infantry; Edward J. Scott, E, Seventeenth Infantry; March 19, Miles D. Jones, D, Sixth Infantry; March 23, Allen Cook, L, Twenty-sixth Infantry. Suicide—March 26, August Schoenknecht, musician, L, Seventeenth Infantry. Septictemia—March 24, Frank A. Patton, K, Third Infantry. Malarial fever—March 26, Thomas A. Ehrheart, K, Forty-second Infantry; March 27, Thomas Hoar, sergeant, D, Eleventh Cavalry. Nephritis—March 28, Patrick Condon, sergeant, B, Twelfth Infantry. Abcess liver—March 21, Michael Kynan, F, Eighteenth Infantry. Undetermined fever—March 13, John J. Dougherty, B, Thirty-fourth Infantry. Accidental—March 24, Walter A. McCoy, I, Thirty-ninth Infantry. Gunshot—March 28, William Foster, A, Third Infantry. Drowned, killed by insurgents—September 29, last year, William F. Henry, I, Sixteenth Infantry.


Otis, Apr 2 1900, 0720am, Casualties

Carl, John G, d. 03/23/1900, SGT CO L 18TH CS INF, Died In Pi/Recd On Dix Sep 5 1901, Plot: NADD 579, *

Location of Cabug-Cabug in Capiz