John T. Bell, G 38th Inf USV
San Francisco National Cemetery
Photo by Richard Juhl
  • Died of pneumonia December 9 1900
  • The 38th Inf USV arrived in Iloilo aboard Transport Warren Nov 30 1900 from Lipa Batangas

    MANILA. (Received January 21, 1901-2.14 p. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    Following deaths have occurred since last report: Dysenteryó January 2, I, Eighteenth Infantry, Corpl. Charles Toll; January 17, M, Thirtieth Infantry, Corpl. William C. Mueller; January 3, B, Thirty-first Infantry, Corpl. Frank A. McCowen; January 13, H, Thirty-fifth Infantry, Corpl. Herbert Hawes; I, Eighteenth Infantry, Gustav Ecklund. PsilosisóD, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Corpl. Charles B. Smith. EnteritisóG, Sixteenth Infantry, John Sheehy. DiarrheaóJanuary 15, M, Forty-first Infantry, Allyn Dunlap. MeningitisóDecember 26, I, Forty-third Infantry, George E. Ricker. Died from wounds received in actionó December 16, C, Forty-fourth Infantry, Solomon Dotterer. Killed by fall from windowóJanuary 18, O, Third Artillery, Ferdinand Fraenznick. Murdered by prisoneróDecember 25, D, Eleventh Cavalry, Columbus L. Black. DrownedóDecember 16, I, Fifteenth Infantry, Alexander E. Wirth. PneumoniaóDecember 9, G, Thirty-eighth Infantry, John T. Bell. TuberculosisóJanuary 19, A, Third Cavalry, Jesse Swanek.


    MacArthur, Jan 21 1901, 0214pm, Casualties