Leaving Major Huston, with his battalion of the Nineteenth Infantry, to look after the affairs of the province, General Hughes sent two companies of the Sixth Infantry and Captain Gordon's scouts to the northern coast of the island by the route from Pandan to Ibaiay, and directed the battalion of the Fourty-fourth Infantry to march across the mountains into the upper Aclan Valley, thence to proceed over the rough trail to the north in the direction of Calivo.

He reported this movement from his headquarters at Iloilo, to which point he had returned, in the following cablegram:

Iloilo, February 3, 1900.

Barry, Manila:

Lieutenant-Colonel Scott, with 200 picked men Fourty-fourth, crossed mountains from Paringayan into upper Aclan Valley. Gordon's scouts and Captain Walker, Sixth, crossed Pass Pandan to Ibajay; objective of both, Calivo. Three or four hundred

Tagalos fled from Calivo on appearance Gordon's scouts January 30. Were pursued up the Actao the 31st by Walker and Gordon. Finding Scott on their line of retreat, they scattered in mountains. A small force attempted to oppose Scott, fording river at Madalag, but were brushed away. Our only casualty Noah L. Short, H, Forty-fourth, wounded right thigh. Left Walker with two companies Sixth in Calivo. Returned here with rest of command.



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