assisted by a naval force, proceeded thence with two companies Eighteenth Infantry to the island of Romblon, from which he reported the following:

Romblon, December 16, 1899.

Barry, Manila:

Crossed Panay Mountains as proposed. Slight opposition on debouching at Dumaro [Dumarao], which was brushed away by Gordon's scouts and Shank's battalion Eighteenth Infantry. Othertowns Capiz province received us with bands of music instead of Mausers. At same time Carpenter cleared province of Concepcion. Having assistance of steamer El Cano and Captain Ackley's naval vessels, he followed coast, scattered the insurgents, and arrived off Capiz the 12th instant. I occupied Capiz with my command on the 10th. Diacno [Diocno] and his Tagalos reported to have escaped by steamers by this route. Documents indicate that this place is center of insurgents' postal service, and therefore has been taken possession of to-day by two companies Eighteenth Infantry. We were assisted in operations against Romblon by Captain Ackley with the Concord and the gunboat Paragua, Captain McFarland making land attack with two companies. The whole matter was settled in half an hour. Our casualties: Private Charles J. Feeley, Company C, Eighteenth Infantry, killed; one seaman on Paragua wounded. Expect to go to Cebu to-night via Capiz, taking up First Battalion Nineteenth Infantry at that place. Will leave Carpenter in command at Capiz with six companies of his regiment.



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