MANILA. (Received December 8, 1899-2 a. m.)


Informed outbreak natives in district south Negros, result of reported recent great insurgent victories in Luzon and Panay, which natives believe; extent of outbreak not ascertained; First Lieut. Augustus C. Ledyard, Sixth Infantry, killed; 2 privates wounded. One of our chief difficulties arises from circulation of falsehoods among natives. Defamatory newspaper articles of United States and Europe promptly published in Spanish in San Francisco, Madrid, and Hongkong Junta and circulated in Philippines. Insurgents have based all hopes of success upon false rumors.


Otis, Dec 8 1899, 0200am, Negros, Ledyard, Fake News


Iloilo, Island of Panay, March 20. - All expectations of the complete pacification of this island before the approaching rainy season have preforce been abandoned, and plans are being matured for the concentration of our troops in the few posts which it is intended to occupy during that time. Two months ago, to all appearances, the opposition to our Administration was about to vanish. Iloilo and Capiz Provinces were clear and quiet. Soon, however, disorder broke out in Concepcion, spread into Iloilo and necessitated and expidition into Antique. Now it has become necessary to dispatch ten companies to Antique, so bold have the Insurgents become in the mountains and no post in Iloilo Province will be garrisoned by less than two companies in the rainy season.

From contact with representative and influential natives in the interior I have been able to learn pretty thoroughly the cause of this renewal of life and apparent resurrection of faith in ultimate Filipino success in the war.

In almost every case these natives assured me that Bryan had been elected President of the United States, and had taken office on the 4th of March of the current year. The American troops were soon to be withdrawn, and the islands left to themselves.

In one case I was told of a letter from Manila which gave this important information, and urged all the people to stand firm and keep up the struggle. This rumor is widespread in the disaffected districts and is readily accepted.

Another rumor which is said by the natives to have been circulated by our friends of the European colony is to the effect that the United States is already at war with Russia, and all troops are soon to go to China. Much capital is made of the fact that the warships which have been on duty here so long have been replaced by smaller vessels, and it is reported that the whole fleet has gone from Manila to the north.

The Direful Effect

As a direct result of these malicious reports a score of brave soldiers have already been stricken down in antiquiet and the pacification of the island which is so much needed by the native population itself is put off until another year.

Lawrence, Mar 20 1900

MANILA. (Received December 15, 1899-11.42 p. m.)


Eighth instant, General Smith, Negros, reports that early in December number inhabitants four coast towns entered mountains, believing statements of Panay and Luzon agents that Americans overwhelmingly defeated in those islands, Aguinaldo about to dictate terms of peace, and American Congress to confer independence when established; civil government of island would be overthrown; also told that all Negros about to rise and drive out Americans; no depredations committed; no consequences of importance apprehended.


Otis, Dec 15 1899, 1142am, Negros, Fake News