From Page 113 of Demy Sonza's book on Adriano Hernandez:
the council members decided to proceed to Cabatuan and establish the seat of the government there. Upon learning that the other members of the Council of State were already in Cabatuan with their families, Avanceņa decided to join them. "I'm glad i am not married," he remarked. "I'm glad my own family is in Dingle," Hernandez replied. "I'll stay here for awhile and see how i can help the General- en-Jefe." "but as soon as possible, please go to Cabatuan," Avanceņa requested. "we should render our report to the Council of State together."

From Pages 115-116 of Demy Sonza's book on Adriano Hernandez:
facing Hernandez, Delgado said, "Compadre, you looked very tired. Why don't you take the day off and go home to Dingle?" Hernandez was delighted to hear Delgado's words. "Thank you very much," he blurted, "I've really missed my family. By the way, from Dingle can I proceed to Cabatuan day after tomorrow so that Ramon and I can make our report to the Council of State?" "Of course, you may," Delgado said, "but be sure to come back immediately after you are through with your report." Carmen and the children were exceedingly glad to see Adre. "Thank God and the Virgin Mother that you are safely back," Carmen cried with joy. "I was so worried about you." "I've also missed you and the children so much," Adre replied. "How I wish I could stay home all the time." The General stayed only one day with his family. In the morning of February 17, he paid a brief visit to Gabriel Sinoy who was the local president of Dingle under the Federal State of the Visayas, and then rode with his aide to Cabatuan via Pototan and Lucena.

Upon Hernandez's arrival in Cabatuan, Avancena requested Jovito Yusay to call a meeting of the Council of State in the evening so that he and Hernandez could make their report. Yusay was acting as President of the Federal State of the Visayas because Raymundo Melliza, who had succeeded Roque Lopez as president the previous January 17, and Nicolas Jalandoni, the new vice president, had not gone to Cabatuan after the fall of lloilo.

In Cabatuan, Adre Hernandez met his brother Julio, the Councilor of War and Chief of the War Commission, who was elated to see him. The other members of the Council who were present during the session of February 17 were
Jovito Yusay,
Benito Lopez,
Ramon Avanceņa,
Victorino Mapa,
Fernando Salas,
Tranquilino Gonzalez, and
Francisco Tarrosa, the secretary.

It was Avanceņa who made the report on behalf of the Commission that went to Malolos, two of whose members, Venancio Concepcion and Vicente Gella, had been left behind in Luzon. Avanceņa related the Commissioners' meeting with Aguinaldo, Mabini, and the other department secretaries of the Republic and their sad experience on the way back to Iloilo. Since the written instructions were with Jose Ner and he had not yet arrived from Manila, Avanceņa stated the instructions from the National Government as far as he could recall them from memory. Hernandez assured the Council that as best as he could remember, the instructions were what Avancefia had enumerated. After listening to the report, the Council of State adopted a resolution of thanks to Ramon Avanceņa and Gen. Adriano Hernandez "for the thorough discharge of their delicate and difficult mission, and, also, in view of the sacrifices they had made and the sufferings through which they had gone at Manila and in the Bay of Iloilo."