• One of three men of F 26th Inf USV captured by natives in Calinog Nov 27 1899.
  • All three were killed on December 8 1899 during the Calinog town fiesta.
  • They were declared on February 23 1899 to have been killed by natives, most probably this is the day their remains were found, recovered, and reburied.
  • Their remains arrived in San Francisco aboard USAT Meade on Jul 29 1901.

    Washington, February 15, 1900.

    OTIS, Manila:

    Telegraph the condition of Denis L. Hayes, William Dugan, Michael Tracy, Company F, Twenty-Sixth Infantry.


    Corbin to Otis, Feb 15 1900, Calinog Three

    MANILA. (Received February 17, 1900-1.30 a. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    With reference to your telegram of 16th, Hayes, Dugan, Tracy, Company F, Twenty-sixth Infantry, missing in campaign near Calinog, Panay, since November 27. Officer now investigating thinks he can prove their throats were cut by order padre of Calinog. Remains not found nor report submitted.


    Otis, Feb 17 1900, 0130am, Calinog Three

    MANILA. (Received March, 12, 1900-7.55 a. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    Casualties: Killed—Luzon, Sixteenth Infantry, February 28, Camalaniugan, C, Patrick J. Enright, corporal; March 2, Linao, B, Fred. Daniel. Thirtieth Infantry, January 15, Lipa, I, David Goldman. Forty-fifth Infantry, February 20, Calabanga, G, Wilson Bellis. Forty-seventh Infantry, February 21, Donsol, A, John P. Morrison, musician. Panay, Twenty-sixth Infantry, February 23, Iloilo, F, William Dugan, Denis L. Hayes, Michael Tracy. Wounded—Luzon, March 6, Peñaranda, Acting Asst. Surg. Walter C. Chidester, wounded in back, serious. Thirtieth Infantry, January 6, Biñang, Anthony Westrate, scalp, slight, Company F; January 19, San Pablo, D, Ernest F. Trepto, corporal, cheek, moderate; Jacob Lucas, lung, severe; January 28, Tayabas, D, Lieut. Guy A. Boyle, leg, moderate; Charles A. Hackworth, wounded in arm, moderate; February 4, Sampaloc, E, James L. Jones, abdomen, severe; H, Fred. Cliff, wounded in thigh, moderate. Thirty-sixth Infantry, March 6, Dasal, A, Second Lieut. Frank T. McNarney, thigh, slight. Thirty-seventh Infantry, March 7, Santa Cruz, L, David V. Kennedy, hip, slight. Fortieth Infantry, February 20, Libmanan, First Lieut. Adjt. John B. Galleher, abdomen, severe; A, Albert A. Widick, corporal, chest, slight; John F. Sandidge, corporal, side, slight; B, Alois C. J. Sick, corporal, head, serious; Robert D. Stewart, finger, slight; C, Earl R. Hutchison, sergeant, thigh, serious; William E. Biggs, thigh, slight; Edgar H. Garrett, shoulder, slight; Guy M. Ingersoll, breast, slight.


    Otis, Mar 12 1900, 0755am, Casualties

    The United States army transport Meade arrived from Manila via Nagasaki yesterday morning.

    the transport brought over the remains of 103 people who died in the Philippines. Of these twenty-seven were killed in action or died from their wounds. Lieutenant Elias J. Hincken of the Forty-fourth Infantry died from the effect of bolo wounds and Miss Helen D. Cochrane, a hospital nurse, died from acute nephritis. The remains of both came home on the transport.

    Two of the bodies brought home on the transport are unidentified. They are marked "Bodies from graves A and B, Calinog, Panay."

    Brings Home Sick Soldiers