Jaro, P. I., October 15.1899.

The Adjutant General,
First Separate Brigade, Eight Army Corps, Iloilo, P.I.

Sir:I have the honor to report that the Insurgents visited our outposts in some force last night. Desultory firing occurred from about 9:00 p. m., mostly oposite the bridge site, until 11:30 when quite heavy tiring occurred in front of our lines on the Santa Barbara road. The field officer of the day reported that a continuous skirmish line had appeared at one time within 200 yards of our posts. Our men gave them volley fire. A company was sent to their support and another to the posts near the cemetery, and the whole command was held under arms for an hour or so. The insurgents withdrew with disorderly firing kept up for some time, and at 1 o'clock were cheering vociferously near their old posts east of Jaro.

Signaling to the enemy by lights was discovered in the town, from the upper window of a house, and two natives were arrested there and are now held. Four other natives were arrested in the town on suspicion.

Very respectfully,

(Signed) G. S. Carpenter,
Colonel, 18th Infantry, Commanding.