Died of Acute Dysentery at Iloilo on March 23, 1900

MANILA. (Received April 2, 1900-7.20 a. m.)


Died from wounds received in action—March 13, James F. Burns, C, Forty-third Infantry; March 28, Janice E. Murphy, C, Thirty-fourth Infantry; March 23, John G. Carl, sergeant, L, Eighteenth Infantry. Variola—December 31, last year, Evert Barker, G, Thirty-third Infantry; March 2, Alonzo Bare, D, Thirty-second Infantry; February 2, Ned Martin, M, Twenty-fifth Infantry. Typhoid fever—March 22, Claus A. Burke; March 21, Jacob Fuesguss, H, Forty-second Infantry; March 16, Clarence G. Brooks, M, Thirtieth Infantry; March 27, Lewis J. Leadly, M, Thirty-seventh Infantry; March 25, John C. Russell, jr., corporal, F, Forty-second Infantry. Dysentery—March 25, John McLaughlin, corporal, M, Ninth Infantry; Edward J. Scott, E, Seventeenth Infantry; March 19, Miles D. Jones, D, Sixth Infantry; March 23, Allen Cook, L, Twenty-sixth Infantry. Suicide—March 26, August Schoenknecht, musician, L, Seventeenth Infantry. Septictemia—March 24, Frank A. Patton, K, Third Infantry. Malarial fever—March 26, Thomas A. Ehrheart, K, Forty-second Infantry; March 27, Thomas Hoar, sergeant, D, Eleventh Cavalry. Nephritis—March 28, Patrick Condon, sergeant, B, Twelfth Infantry. Abcess liver—March 21, Michael Kynan, F, Eighteenth Infantry. Undetermined fever—March 13, John J. Dougherty, B, Thirty-fourth Infantry. Accidental—March 24, Walter A. McCoy, I, Thirty-ninth Infantry. Gunshot—March 28, William Foster, A, Third Infantry. Drowned, killed by insurgents—September 29, last year, William F. Henry, I, Sixteenth Infantry.


Otis, Apr 2 1900, 0720am, Casualties


News of the Death of Allan Cook, Who Belonged to Fall River.

FALL RIVER, March 24—Allan Cook, son of Benjamin Cook of this city, died at Iloilo, Philippine islands, as the result of an attack of acute dysentery yesterday, according to a cablegram received here today.

Young Cook was adjutant's clerk in the 26th regiment of U S volunteer infantry, having enlisted as a private in that regiment last August. Shortly after he was promoted to the noncommis-sioned staff of the regiment. He was a graduate of the local high school, and was three years in Harvard university, which he left at the outbreak of the Spanish-American war. He was in F company, naval brigade, of this city, and served on the U S S Prairie during the war. He was 25 years of age.


Death of Private Cook

On Friday the 23d Private Allan Cook of Company L died in the hospital at Iloilo after a short sickness. No other death in the regiment has been so generally regretted. Private Cook was known throughout the command, his position in the Adjutant's office having brought him into personal contact with all. By everyone he was liked, and by officers and men shown as a faithful and conscientious worker. He was a Harvard man, a brother of "Ben" Cook, who played on the winning Harvard base ball team of 1893. With a fine home in Fall River, Mass. His service in the navy in the Spanish War, where he was an electrician on the Prairie, imbued in him the uncontrollable fire of patriotism and with a desire to further serve his country he seized an early opportunity to enlist in the Twenty-sixth. He was a member of the Fall River Naval Brigade. He took part in the November expedition with the regimental headquarters, and displayed great coolness at the battle of San Blas. His funeral took place the same afternoon, and he was buried alongside of the seventy other heroes in the little Iloilo cemetery, with the touching ceremonies which mark the interment of an American soldier.

Lawrence, Mar 26 1900

Allen Cook '93.
April 05, 1900

Allen Cook, special '93, died in Iloilo, March 23, from an attack of acute dysentery. He was born in Fall River, Mass., in 1874. In 1891 he entered Harvard as a special student and under the direction of Professor Putnam of the Peabody Museum he engaged in extensive archaeological researches on Cape Cod and in the mound district of Ohio. At the close of his work he presented to the Museum his entire collection of Indian relics.

During the war with Spain he served as assistant electrician on the U. S. Cruiser Prairie, and last fall he enlisted in Company G, 26th Regiment. The regiment was sent to Iloilo, island of Panay, and Cook was assigned to special duty at regimental headquarters. While serving in the Philippines he kept up his interest in archaeology and he was engaged in making collections for the Peabody Museum.

The Harvard Crimson